Baby Prepping

Mon, 26 Dec 2016 20:53:47 +0000

Baby shower game: "Tinkle in the potty" - put a ballon under your shirt and quarter between your knees and try to drop the quarter into a jar......loads do laughs!

    Tinkle in the Pot | Hilarious Baby Shower Game. Each player puts a balloon under their shirt while holding a ping pong ball between their knees. Player must waddle down the line and drop the ball into a jar.

    How to make a baby. There are three men sitting on the chairs and three men behind them blind folded. What they had to was feed the person sitting down the fastest. Aunty Marie's baby shower Sept. 11, 2010 =]

    DIY PRINTABLE Baby Shower Photo Booth Props. $10.00, via Etsy. baby shower!

    Silly Baby Shower Games Not to Be Missed!

    Cute chalkboard @ baby shower I would love a little section with a nice back drop where people can take pictures of themselves with a message for me or baby!

    "Pin the Sperm on the Egg"! Fun Baby Shower Game :) Create some paper sperm to use as "pins"

    Button Cookies – Lalaloopsy Inspiration For Silver Buttons semester

    juego de baby shower. esto lo hicimos en mis best freinds babyshower hace unos años, excepto que se usa una cuarta parte y tenían un globo bajo su camisa. estábamos todos llorando laughn ...... GRAN JUEGO!

    Individual fruit cups. A pretty way to serve fruit at a bridal shower, baby shower or party.