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Baby shower game: "Tinkle in the potty" - put a ballon under your shirt and quarter between your knees and try to drop the quarter into a jar......loads do laughs!


    20 MORE hilarious baby shower games with everything from active baby shower games to printable baby shower games! Tons of great ideas on

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    20 hilarious baby shower games that are also perfect for a 2nd time mom baby sprinkle!

    Tinkle in the Pot: BEST baby shower game ever! Reminiscent of the constant need to empty your bladder during pregnancy, each player must put a balloon under their belly while holding a ping pong ball between their knees. The player must waddle down the line and drop the ping-pong ball into a canning/mason jar. We learned its hard to keep the ball from bouncing out so we used ballons to keep it in the jar.

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    Minute to win it baby shower games are fun and easy to plan and play. Perfect for coed showers

    baby shower games for men- For this baby shower game, you will need a few dolls, strings tied to two walls, clips, bucket and baby’s clothes (nappies, sheets, baby-suits etc. ). When the game begins, the husbands will hold the dolls just like we hold the babies, hold the telephone on shoulders and then they have to hang the baby’s clothes on the string using the clips.

    Couples baby shower games. Really fun baby shower game for a couples baby shower. Baby Olympics where you have the men run through tasks while "pregnant"

    Baby shower games: Beer in a bottle chug More

    - Guess the stats! This is a fun activity to have on display and can pull out the competitive nature in your guests. Have a large chalk board (or some other type of platform) and lots of colorful chalk. Create columns and allow guests to fill in their guesses for the baby’s arrival date, time, weight & length.

    Baby shower fun - bib decorating! --> we can tie-dye bibs to match the onsies! This is so sweet! I am also going to be doing this with onesies, each guest decorates a onesie with fabric markers, then signs the back like a hallmark card

    Have guests write messages on late night baby diapers to give mommy a giggle!