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    Apatite crystals from Panasqueira Mine, Panasqueira, Castelo Branco District, Portugal

    Golden Selenite

    Awesome rare earth mineral collection Note: Bismuth is manmade but still intriguing to look at.

    Utah Topaz Gallery, Topaz, Topaz on Rhyolite Matrix, Thomas Range, Beautiful cluster of over 6 larger crystals, Super high quality crystals, Prismire Wash, Maynard's Claim, Thomas Range, Utah

    Geology Rocks

    Wedding Stone - Sugilite

    Which crystal speaks to your soul? (The meanings/properties of crystals)

    Osmium is both the densest and the rarest element that you can dig out of the Earth. It's so hard that it's used in places with constant pressure and wear, like the tips of fountain pens. One single cubic inch of this stuff weighs nearly a pound, and were you to somehow get a cubic foot of it, it would weigh over 1,400 pounds. Good luck with that, though: last year, the entire U.S. osmium production was only 165 pounds.

    Michigan fossils - Google Search

    Quartz var. Amethyst - Amatitlan, Guerrero, Mexico / Mineral Friends <3 ≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥≤≥ ♥ Gaby Féerie créateur de bijoux à thèmes en modèle unique. Des pièces originales à ne pas manquer ♥ Présente.sur.pinterest.➜➜

    Bouquet agate (scheduled via

    Le Sfumature dei Cristalli e Gemme. Splende.