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A simple tutorial for making striped book-folding patterns in Microsoft Word instead of Photoshop. Links to pre-made striped backgrounds: 352 pages w...

    you_and_me- an explanation is provided as to why this is better used for a cut and fold project rather than a folded book pattern.

    TECHNIQUE TUESDAY: Planner Important

    Cut and fold book folding method by Jo black Allinthefolds. This cut and fold tutorial uses no folded page as the cuts are done on all pages. Needless to say, this would eliminate the need for a large number of pages. I'm not sure it would work on every pattern, but it's worth a try on those huge ones!

    Craft It! Book Folding - YouTube - two tutorials. One for a different repetitive fold and another for an "illusion" effect heart. Location for the heart pattern is provided. To download the pattern I needed the Drop Box app. Viewing the pattern, if you already have a heart pattern, the technique shown could be used on any heart pattern and possibly others. Very interesting concept.

    This website tells you exactly how to do everything to book fold. I can't wait to try it!

    Book folding tutorial

    I have to dash off to cardio rehab shortly but I have been mulling over a way I might make the folded book templates available to all in a simple way, a way that people can customize to fit any nam…

    How to fold a book into a state or other design

    How to make a very technical book folding pattern using Photoshop

    Make your OWN Microsoft Word book folding patterns how-to video tutorial. Awesome!

    This site has excellent tutorials and countless PDF templates to download - alphabets, hearts, boy/girl, numbers, various fonts for Love, Peace, Joy, I (heart) You, H (heart) OME, Mr & Mrs, Harry Potter fonts, and more. Mary Ann, also, provides a graph template and explains how it can be used to import your own creation. It's a fabulous site!

    Free Fold Book Folding Pattern of a Butterfly

    numbered lines - A pdf file for legal size paper is provided.

    I have a huge folder full of templates that I have made for people, various names, images, etc.  What I can see is people, when given a choice, tend to pick the font that I think looks the nicest. …

    Free pattern to create a horse head folded book.

    Learn how easy it is to create book folded sculpture and download the free file to create your own custom templates.

    Heart Template For Book Art page folding with instructions to other words LOVE and FAMILY

    book folding. This tutorial us the best. Thanks More

    folding book page art - tutorials... Saw this on Lauren Conrad and needed a tutorial. Poof there it is

    Book Folding Multiline Instructions - YouTube

    a good comprehensive process explanation for book folding from template to placement.

    Easy tutorial to learn book folding in around 1 hour. Free book folding patterns and templates. Simplest and quickest way to achieve beautiful book art!

    Måtten till hjärtat är lånade här ifrån.Men beskrivningen har jag skrivit och skapat med egna ord!