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Tue, 28 Feb 2017 20:20:50 +0000

Massing Options One Priory Square

    Forum Donaustadt - DMAA

    Pin up board example. #arquitectura #dibujos #maquetas #presentaciones


    Jorge Cham- PhD Comics This is a diagram depicting aerial views of different designs of city blocks, including site walkways, green space, building massing and the resulting shadows. This is a successful diagram because it takes four important aspects of city block design and represents them in a way that is easy to read, even when showed in conjunction with each other. Each aspect is differentiated from the others based on line quality and color, making them clear to the viewer.

    Hamptons House Study Models #architecturemodel #studymodel #architecture

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    Blue foam massing models for form studio next year.

    #nextarch by @marblefairbanks #next_top_architects More massing studies & #NovemberBlues

    Architectural Model - Drayton Green Church - Piercy&Company