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Gilles leads at the start of the 1978 Italian Grand Prix @ Monza, The accident the would eventfully claim the life of Ronnie Peterson fills the background.

    Gilles Villeneuve, Ronnie Peterson, Japan, 1977

    Monza Race Track, Monza, Italy. 1954 Formula One Italian Grand Prix.

    Classic F1 1976 Belgian GP 1st Grand Prix with FIA , mandated lower airboxes

    1976 Italian Grand Prix Start by F1-N°. 26: Jacques Laffite (FRA) (Ligier Gitanes), Ligier JS5 - Matra MS73 3.0 V12 (finished 3rd) N°. 3: Jody Scheckter (ZAF) (Elf Team Tyrrell), Tyrrell P34 - Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 (finished 5th)

    NickyLauda Brabham AlfaRomeo

    1970 Dutch Grand Prix March 701 Ronnie Peterson

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    1979: Jochen Mass in the Arrows Ford A2. A lot of rounded racecars look like a bar of soap. This one looks like the dish you put the soap in.

    Ronnie Peterson, 1978

    Michael Shumacher

    9 June 1968: Belgian Grand Prix: Spa-Francorchamps: : #11 Pedro Rodriguez (BRM P133)