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Sun, 08 May 2016 22:47:48 +0000

Gilles leads at the start of the 1978 Italian Grand Prix @ Monza, The accident the would eventfully claim the life of Ronnie Peterson fills the background.

    Paul Hawkins, Lotus-Climax, #10 (finished 10th-accident) Monaco GP, 1965. ---- Paul Hawkins crashed into the harbour after spinning at the chicane. He is one of only 2 drivers to have ever done this.

    Alain Prost | Renault RE30B | Monaco Grand Prix, 1982.

    Start of the 1959 Monaco Grand Prix

    1976 Italian Grand Prix Start by F1-N°. 26: Jacques Laffite (FRA) (Ligier Gitanes), Ligier JS5 - Matra MS73 3.0 V12 (finished 3rd) N°. 3: Jody Scheckter (ZAF) (Elf Team Tyrrell), Tyrrell P34 - Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 (finished 5th)

    Monza F1 GP 1978 Ronnie Peterson is finally out of his burning Gold Leaf Lotus, thanks to James Hunt. His accident happened during a first corner pile-up at the start. A chain-reaction had launched his Gold Leaf Lotus into the barriers, tearing it in half before it burst into flames. Hunt braved the flames to drag Peterson clear. It took 20 min. for medical aid to come as he lay on the track with burns and broken limbs. The Swede died the next day.

    Fatal accident at 1970 Dutch Grand Prix - Piers Courage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Senna heading for Eau Rouge & Raidillon, Spa-Francorchamps

    Monza GP Italia 1955 Sopraelevata Fangio Moss Mercedes

    Gilles Villeneuve - Moss Corner

    Monaco 1958 Moss, passato alla Vanwall, precede Hawthorn, Brabham e Trintignant nei primi giri mentre si trova in terza posizione, alle spalle di Behra e Brooks.

    Ronnie Peterson....mi idolo cuando inicio mi gusto por la F1....