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Purple Columbine We have tons of these in purple and in pink. So cheerful and…

    Blue Starlets Check out this list of 50 very small flowers, which would look lovely in your rock garden, or in your fairy container garden. The colors and variety will surprise you. The world’s smallest orchid for example is just half a millimetre in size. Known as the Campylocentrum insulare, it was discovered this year …

    Cosmos - so Easy to Grow, You Can Plant and Neglect It!

    Beautiful Iris

    Purple Datura - Poisonous Devil's Trumpet, Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple Datura metel 'Double Purple' Annuals Tropicals and Tender Perennials

    Purple Pansies

    AKCollection: Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae

    Hillcrest royal dahlia

    Gentiana Veitchiorum: Much like G. sino-ornata in overall appearance and size, but flowers richer, velvety blue, the tube bearing broad greenish-yellow bands. Western China. Like sino-ornata it flowers in autumn and needs acid soil, but it is less vigorous and not so easy to please. The true plant is seldom commercially available.

    Malva Sylvestris

    Dactylorhiza orchids

    perfection....lilies of the valley