Viktoryia Daniliuk

Sat, 31 Dec 2016 17:13:37 +0000

Vajza N'kuti - visualgraphc:

    this poster really uses typographic density to create the illusion that the giant r has fallen with great weight into the rest of the type. there s density towards the bottom, ad mostly contrast in size at the top vs the middle letters.

    Steidl is the magazine this was the back cover to. I really like how the text was written over the picture of the man, yet you can still see his picture. I found this online. #Inspirational

    The Library Bar / Paramount Hotel

    Marcos Faunner Beeldaspect 'Beweging' komt tot stand doormiddel van een verstorende, wazige beweging van letters/woorden en heeft een rusteloze en chaotische invloed. (Affect)

    “Hommage à Pierre Faucheux”A tribute to Pierre Faucheux with Mathieu Cieters — The Graphic Nomad. Digital print poster 600 x 840 mm on white matt paper 150g. 10 € + shipping

    #chica #diario #periódico

    Kate Prior Dum Dum Girls #poster…

    Herbert Leupin

    Bonnaroo music and arts festival poster. on Behance