grace // i post this on my snap, captioned, "sparklers! happy fourth everyone!"

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    Light Painting with Sparklers! Tutorial. Also can be done with different light sources.

    DIY: How to photograph writing with sparklers!

    Learn a simple set-up for Splash Photography! Freeze time through the power of your camera, and have fun making a mess while doing it.

    Basiskennis Fotografie: Uitleg over sluitertijd (via Vink Academy - Fotografielessen van Laura Vink):

    pin up poses -- haha this is awesome. For someone who doesn't know how to pose at all this is perfect!

    Learn how to photograph sparkler writing and trails with this simple tutorial! Great for the 4th of July, weddings, or engagement shoots!

    Sparkler Photoshop Action. Download here:

    Jsme zcela proti kouření, ale tato myšlenka je opravdu dobrá. by batjas88

    flying! - what a cute idea

    Accidentally underexposed an image? Read here to find out how to fix a photo that is too dark. Video included!