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Thu, 03 Sep 2015 02:23:55 +0000

Barn Owl. With heart-shaped face, buff back and wings and pure white underparts, the barn owl is a distinctive and much-loved countryside bird. Widely distributed across the UK they can be seen in open country, along field edges, riverbanks and roadside verges.They are most active from dusk hunting Mice, voles and shrews.

    Beautiful barn owl • photo: Melanie on Caught in Time Photography

    They think it's their mom. - Imgur

    Barn owl - Night-time predator.

    God does amazing Art-- I had to pin this, what a beautiful owl!

    A pair of owls, they look so sweet.

    Owl Perched on Farm Gate -

    The White Owl OMgoodness! This owl has been coiffed; lol, beautifully, too!

    Barn owl family

    Owl | Cutest Paw

    A '3-of-a-kind' of Barn Owls.

    Schattige Baby Dieren II -