Milo Winston

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:49:42 +0000

Ralphs Supermarket Los Angeles, CA 1955


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    California Shopping Mall. The Thriftimart sign is classic.

    Lucky 1963... I miss Lucky's being here, it's where I grew up shopping at. Lots of memories!

    First Burger King Opened July 28, 1953 in Jacksonville, FL.

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    Rare picture of the Steinberg's located in St-Martin Shopping Center in Chomedey (recalled Laval later...) in 1957. This store was not sufficient enough customer-wise, another store was built at the other end 2 years later...

    Pleasant Family Shopping: October 2007

    Howard Johnson's, Cocoa Beach, FL, June 1972


    Sunland shopping center in the 60's

    Pleasant Family Shopping: Winn-Dixie