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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:36:24 +0000

So if you read my other post about how I long for the wonders of Winter then you can understand that I love making crafts for Winter...e...

    Große Kiefer Kegel frische Fichte Ornament von FlowerinasDecor

    How to Cut Snowman Snowflakes (2 ways!)

    Gourde unique ! admirez !

    Faire son sapin avec une palette

    centre de table pour mariage

    Tis' the season to start bringing out the decorations around the house - but this year, add some new accent pieces by creating...

    I wanted to share some Christmas gifts I've been working on with you.  The recipients better like them, because in the process of making the...

    Snowman Hat decoration Made from a cd/dvd case round styrofoam circle then embellished with grapevine rim, poinsetta and pinecones

    Top Hat Centerpiece made from an upside-down paper mâché box and a chipboard circle

    Love how she used Christmas items on her hat. Carol's Creations: Snowman Hat