dawn puch

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:36:24 +0000

So if you read my other post about how I long for the wonders of Winter then you can understand that I love making crafts for Winter...e...

    I wanted to share some Christmas gifts I've been working on with you.  The recipients better like them, because in the process of making the...

    Handmade Snowman Hat Centerpiece by BeccasCreations4You on Etsy

    Wooden Snowman Snowmen - Rustic Christmas Decor

    What a great idea! Snowmen made out of recycled logs out of the yard :)

    Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium Air Plant Candle Holder Christmas Ornament

    Crafting for family and friends. Various snowmen hats I made with cans and old records (LP's)

    coffee can snowman hat

    Looks like black foam for rim, metal coffee can for hat and decoration.

    How to Create a Frosty the Snowman Top Hat Gift Box

    Xmas hat idea, lovely

    Snowman hat made from coffee can, grunged up with coffee cinnamon

    Snowman hat centerpiece