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#amWriting | Getting a solid grasp on the foundations of plot and structure, and learning to work in harmony with principles will take your stories to the next level.

    "Editing in Layers: 7 Things to Search For In Your Manuscript"

    I love this so much! I'd suggest if you can't take a walk (say in winter) walk around your house with your ear buds in, and pace. The music will help stimulate your walking pace and increase blood flow to your brain to keep you thinking! I do this all the time and it helps! ☺

    A useful cut-out and keep for writers – words that describe someone's voice via @Writers_Artists #amwriting

    Gideon's Way Screenwriting Tips - writerofscreen: Foreshadowing.

    So I recently received a request for a post that discusses how to write from a character's POV that is the opposite gender. I thought this was an important topic to cover, so I'll be doing it in tw...

    Prewriting Strategies... lots of writing processes summed up.

    This NaNoWriMo outline is your 30-day cheatsheet! The research for these scenes is based on the common structural elements of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.

    Master List of Facial Expression Descriptions #Bryn Donovan #dialogue tags #ways to describe

    Writing ♥ 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know

    How to write a book: practice your craft, find a writing community, seek help from a writing mentor and use these 151 must-visit websites for writers.

    How to write so that the reader wont be able to put down your book. Writer. Author. Critique circle.

    Noble Ranks

    Go Teen Writers: Getting Organized to Write or Edit

    Kill a character

    How to Create Kick-Ass Characters

    5 Characters Who Should Be in Your Story Infographic // I mostly like this, although I do rather object to the fact that the 'love interest' is the only female shown. :p

    i need these for whenever i have writer's block and need to get my thoughts flowing.

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    Been having writers block for months now...

    When or if you are making a story use this. No matter what. It took me a LOOONG time but my character went from a cardboard cutout with a name to a person! Seriously this thing is EPICCCCC

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Punctuation And How You Can Avoid Them (Note: Read carefully. They preface each "faux pas," telling you the correct usage, but provide the WRONG way as examples. It's confusing).

    J. R. R. Tolkien’s 10 Tips For Writers

    Describing Characters: Moving Beyond Hair & Eye Color

    5 Common Writing Mistakes | There are a couple of common writing mistakes that will instantly peg you as a novice to any agent or editor, but are really easy to fix if you know what they are. Click through for writing tips to conquer those 5 common mistakes.

    29 Plot Templates make plotting easy. If you choose the right template and customize it for your story, you're way ahead on the plotting game. Make life easy! Check out these options: