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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:04 +0000

#amWriting | Getting a solid grasp on the foundations of plot and structure, and learning to work in harmony with principles will take your stories to the next level.


    A useful cut-out and keep for writers – words that describe someone's voice via @Writers_Artists #amwriting

    Writing ♥ 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know

    Master List of Facial Expression Descriptions #Bryn Donovan #dialogue tags #ways to describe

    "Editing in Layers: 7 Things to Search For In Your Manuscript"

    This NaNoWriMo outline is your 30-day cheatsheet! The research for these scenes is based on the common structural elements of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.

    A strong character arc needs to show change, and this method is the easiest way to ensure a big change over a story.

    Plot Worksheet

    The 10 Worst Story Openings {how not to start your novel} Addresses some of the most common *facepalm* moments that writers and readers face. ************** (Prologues turn me off purchasing a book.)

    Writing Fiction: A Hands-on Guide for Teens

    The Drafts of a novel #writing

    2. #Common Mistakes - 18 Best #Infographics for All You Writers out #There ... →…

    Not to oversimplify it or anything. The last step is like saying, "Take over the world. Then rule."