Dog Names and More

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Sleeping Golden Retriever beauty

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    ♥ Don't teach your children things you can only pretend to know...There is no god! A golden retriever is as close to heaven we can get. On account of it not being a real place and all...infj4goldens

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I want one so bad! ❤️

    Penny ♥ Sweet, alert, baby

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    Best Naps You'll See Today - 9GAG

    Kuma, a Japanese hair style fashionista, who is a lucky dog. Her owner Yuki likes to do some special fashion #hairstyles for her.

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    So I am in my 8th hour class. AND I FIND THIS AND ALMOST SCREAMED FROM HAPPINESS! Look at his little face... teacher excuse me while I go die from cuteness.

    Cute puppies like this one deserve only the most unique dog names found here...

    Golden puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really wrong but I want to eat that puppy up he is so cute Mais

    Is that guy behind me doing that ear thing again?

    Samoyed Puppies

    is this sweet or what! ♡... re-pin by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

    Open)) gale looked at all of the puppies smiling he got one out and they were best friends At first sight they ran around the gardens and played hide n seek the puppy barked and I turned around to see you

    Caleb|| I got special permission to go see El. I had a surprise for her. I knock on her door with my foot because I was holding a box with a ribbon on top. ((Closed))

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    Cutest golden retriever puppy! ~ THE EXPRESSION !

    A baby wiener dog! I just love it! #WienerDog #LoveWienerDogs #Doxie #DoxieMom

    Do you guys like my cape?