clifford lee

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:17:02 +0000

Hothead black jig


    CATCH's Copper J (Black)

    Tenkara Flies

    Ice Caddis Pupa - 4 Colors

    Simple wet

    Rich's Winter Stone by Richard Strolis. A small beaded nymph for the winter stoneflies that hatch in February through March on most Eastern Streams. Tie this fly in shades of black or brown in sizes 14-20 and you can cover your bases. Good luck and happy tying.

    Golden olive quill nymph #14 b170 finished with dimond fine flex resin from

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    More trout candy !!!

    Quill Gordon Nymph, Fly Fishing Flies, Nymphs. Discount flies at Small Image.

    Now this ought to make Mike drool! Steelhead caddis beadhead nymphs