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Hothead black jig


    Red Tag Jig Nymph

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    Fish Emission Oregon Salmon Egg available in size 6 and 10 Spirit River Inc's Fish Emission has found a strong following n both the Great lakes region and Alaska. It no wonder why. They weld on the be

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing : Swinging Midge Style: The Opal Swinger

    Neon Greenie beadheads with a lime green wire rib and peacock herl thorax (On The Vise)

    These  nymphs are absolutely fantastic for french fishing in low and very clear waters. Materials that I use for this flies: Hooks: the new Maruto D04 HW BL #14 Tails: Co

    How to Tie the Frenchie Nymph. For more fly fishing info follow and subscribe Also check out the original pinners site and support

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    Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fishing: July 2011

    S&M Nymph Brown

    Copper Swan beadhead nymph. Need to tye up a dozen of these for Spring.