Zak Carroll

Sat, 22 Feb 2014 06:18:18 +0000

Section of the Galactic plane measured with the Spitzer Space Telescope. NASA/JPL-Caltech/E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin).


    0ce4n-g0d: “Cosmic Birth by SteveAllred”

    ♥ Beauty of the universe, there are so many things to see in this. So many frequencies of possibility. Tune in on Facebook or

    Andromeda and Milky Way over Mount Chapin in Rocky Mountain NP Photo by David Kingham reposted from spaceexp on tumblr

    só pra terminar..vamos para o espaço

    Beauty of the universe

    Crab nebula. Another space favourite.

    "..I’m being attended to by this celestial crew.." The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

    The colors of the universe.

    The universe is of the nature of a thought or sensation in a universal Mind ~ Arthur Stanley Eddington ~

    Beautiful stars