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“American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North…


    Why isn't this in history books?

    Freakish coincidences in life of Linclon & Kennedy

    A Evolução Dos Armamentos 1066 ~ 2014

    incas mayans aztecs compare and contrast | Thousands of civilizations lived in America before Columbus arrived ...

    I'm in that tiny orange dot on the upper left. No, not that teeny tiny one, just the tiny one :)

    The Adventures of Peter Freuchen - and nowadays it's 'badass' to be 'gangster'. They wouldn't last a night in this man's shoes!

    Timeline of World #History - Major Civilizations & Powers

    Ha Ha! Joke for geography geeks. S/O to AP Human Geo because I can now successfully name these maps without looking.

    Overlay of William Romain’s 1987 survey map of Serpent Mound onto a recent LiDaR image. (William Romain)