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I've updated the descriptors on my Grading Chart this school year!


    Simple, anchor chart to help students understand their grades! :)These were originally made with Photoshop (11x8.5 inch canvas size, 300 dpi). I did a few test prints and found that they print best with the "Fit" option (94% scale). Let me know what you think of the design, colors, quality, print settings, etc.

    a great anchor chart to put right next to where your students turn in their work!

    Anchor Charts - Education to the Core

    I would use this to explain the state level of bicameral government - specifically Texas'.


    the ABC's of Praying for Students

    Promote empathy and apology of action with this "How to Apologize/Say Sorry" poster packet to support character education in your classroom. Improve classroom management, teach your students to use positive language, and build a safe and nurturing classroom environment. Includes 2 versions & parent letter.

    Textbook reading advice: compiled by my Psychology professor Dr. Lauren Graham for BioPsych 202 Spread the Love!You may also like:Study Productivity TipsBefore our Classes Begin: A ChecklistFlashcards: Make ‘Em Right!A Little Math AdviceHow to Remember Your LectureWhy Just Reading Doesn’t...

    Create an easy to edit weekly assignment sheet for Homeschoolers. What a great idea to place the week's assignments separately for each subject ON the divider for the subject using Post-it® Notes!- Big Family Blessings

    Back-to-School Transportation Tags include tags for bus riders, car riders, walkers, and bike riders. These tags are editable so you can change the names of the students. Print these tags on card stock, punch holes in the top, and make a necklace of these so they're reusable. Laminate for longer usage.