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    Most definitely.

    As heir to the Lysar fortune, Dorian was quite a famous figure. With the snap of his fingers, he could order to have a man killed. But he didn't let that power get to him, he tries not to use it.


    She was fire and fury. She was vengeful and unmercifully defiant. Beautifully broken. She was the goddess of hell because she was a fallen angel. And god help anyone who dared to defy her.

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    This is a Safe Space for Queer Pagans

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    "On Wednesdays we wear black." | #addamsfamily #famíliaaddams #wednesdayaddams #wandaaddams #quote

    Kilroy (KILROY)

    "What do you mean you don't wear shorts because you have thick thighs?" Her coworked asked, frowning. Somehow, Rose had been convinced to go on a girls night out, but with Cindy, Tara, and Becca being the ones with her, it was more of a disaster. "I- Nevermind." The blonde mumbled. "Are you guys hungry? I don't really have an appitete, but I can pay."