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Tue, 28 Jun 2016 17:12:23 +0000

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    Jakob and Dwyer fight. Again.

    Lauren Faust and the Power of Pony

    Royai- Angel with a Shotgun by candy8496 on DeviantArt

    Fire Emblem Fates sketches by SanimatorClub

    When you only get three stars that you already have.

    Poor Chrom. He's a dork, but a loveable dork...

    But Ike fanon isn't exactly wrong either... PoR or RD, he's a total dork.

    Fire Emblem Fates - Kaze is not as smart as he think he is

    fireemblem, fireemblemfates, nintendo

    Clearly the best hairstyling method. [RaM Comic] by Choppywings on DeviantArt