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Cameron Dallas Expelled Movie

    Cameron Dallas (Photo via @camerondallas on Instagram)

    That smile can kill ❤❤❤❤


    everyone go follow Cameron Dallas.... he is the real one, don't ask him cause he has a board proving it.

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    Who else is excited for Christmas?

    Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Dallas

    [ fc : cameron dallas ]" hey guys! i'm cameron, I'm 19 and I'm youtube, instagram,vine ( rip vine :T ) and just all around famous " I laugh " I'm very sweet and friendly, I have a sister named liza and I love her to pieces, we get along very well :), Intro?

    [ Fc: Cameron Dallas ] "Sup, I'm Cameron but call me Cam. I'm a senior and I'm single. I'm the captain of the football team and I also play basketball. Vivian is my twin sister. Introduce?"