Josie Bouman

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 20:37:03 +0000

I keep a frames doodle section in the front of my bullet journal for easy reference. Does anyone else do this?

    Fully scalable stroke icons, stroke weight 3.5 pt. Useful for mobile apps, UI and Web.

    Bullet Journal Flag Ideas

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    Bullet Journal -- Doodle Reference Page

    Ensemble de Journal Tags & Label cadres - Art contours pleine Page 16 main Original tiré des Illustrations de grandes lignes et des formes personnalisées

    2016(tomorrow!) I will start my first bullet journal. Today I'm making my own inspiration booklet #bulletjournal #inspiration #2016

    Imagen de banners, school, and notes

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    3.29.16+1:45pm // 26/100 days of productivity // the very kind @men-bong asked if i could post more doodle ideas, so here’s another doodle reference sheet! looks a lot like the first one but trust me; it’s very different! also, it’s a little dreary today. i feel like staying in and snuggling up with just the fairy lights of the day: “winter” - mree

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