Josemary Paeró Camargo

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 21:01:13 +0000

Tábua de passar embutida

    slide out ironing board

    closet com mesa de passar

    BLOB, L’ARREDO BAGNO MODULARE PER OGNI ESIGENZA Il marchio BLOB propone soluzioni adattabili a qualsiasi tipologia di spazio, dal mini bagno o lavanderia agli ambienti di ampie superfici, per le esigenze del singolo o della coppia, senza trascurare qualità, estetica e gusto.


    bandeja con divisiones para pyrex y fuentes

    53 Cool Pull Out Kitchen Drawers And Shelves | Shelterness (Another pull-out table/work space)

    This ironing board folds in and out of a standard drawer. Perfect for a bathroom, laundry room, or walk-in closet!

    Put the wall behind a door to work by building a fold-up rack for air-drying towels or other small items. Make a simple frame of 1x2s and attach it to the wall. Assemble the drying rack from 1x2s and dowels to fit snugly inside the frame. A catch at the top keeps the rack in place when closed; hinges and a chain allow it to fall open for use./