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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:04:47 +0000

Infographic covering how much space, feed, water and light a backyard chicken really needs.

    Do you know how to test your eggs for freshness?

    Here’s a guide to poultry predator identification that covers tracks, scat, feeding sign, and other behavior, to help you identify threats to your chickens and other livestock. This is largely based on my own experience tracking and camera trapping, and designed to educate and inspire responsible livestock protection that will allow coexistence with predators.

    Raising Chickens Guide - Collecting, Cleaning, And Storing Eggs:

    How Much Space... Feed... Water... Light Does a Duck Need? | Fresh Eggs Daily®

    Scraps chickens can eat

    Cucumber seeds are natural wormer for chickens!

    How to Make a Chicken Waterer Here's an easy and super cheap way to make a chicken waterer. You can possibly make it for free, using all recycled materials. (I made mine for $1.00 because I found a cake pan at a dollar store.)

    Did you know your chickens' diet effects their egg quality? In this podcast, learn the basics of feeding chickens for healthy, nutritious eggs. From FrugalChicken Bloggers: Please feel free to use this infographic on your blog as long as it remains unedited and attribution with a link is given to

    Backyard chicken breeds can lay eggs in many fun colors – from traditional white to olive green and chocolate brown. Click to learn more about breed selection!

    Finding the perfect chicken names for your flock can be quite the process. We've attempted to make it a bit easier for you by compiling all the best chicken names in one place!

    I am constantly tempted to feed our chickens table scraps. I hate throwing things in the trash, so it seems logical to me that I can divert some of our half-eaten meals to the ladies in the backyar…