Lauren Baker

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:37:00 +0000

Marvelous Architecture around the World !!! Part -1 - Cross Towers by BIG, Seoul, Korea.

    Modern Structure in Hong Kong

    The amazing “Wat Samphran” temple in Bangkok

    AWESOME! Agora Tower (concept art) under construction in Taipei, Taiwan (2016 completion date) • Vincent Callebaut Architectures

    Love incredible architecture? - Visit: More

    Namaste Tower - Mumbai, India

    Burj Khalifa, Dubai: tallest building in the world

    45 Of The Most Famous Buildings In The World That Are Known For Their Unconventional Architectural Structure

    MASS STUDIES: Interlocking gears building No wonder then that South Korea has an appetite for futuristic architectural schemes. A current show in Ansan, just south of Seoul, displays four pie-in-the-sky schemes for reinventing the city, designed by four buzzed-about architecture firms: BIG in Copenhagen, INABA in L.A., MAD in Beijing, and Mass Studies in Seoul.

    The Cloud Towers, Yongsan Dreamhub, Seoul, Korea by MVRDV Architects :: 60 and 54 floors, height 300m and 260m

    The Fuller Building (as it was originally called, named after its architect) aka the famous Flatiron Building, New York, NY

    Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies, China