Kimberly Chang

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 16:37:02 +0000


    Biden, we're going to miss your subtle hijinks

    This is great. But I just watched this movie and she didn't actually mention the split personalities part.

    Meanwhile in Russia compilation

    I like the tom meme

    How r/dankmemes works

    That thing we haunt me in my sleep. I can see in my nightMARES (sorry.. I'll leave) that thing galloping towards me...

    i'm ashamed that i laughed

    Tumblrgold | Likealaugh | Page 34

    Felt like a god

    License Plate Frame with lighted text! The frame comes in Chrome or Black. Click on the image and order yours today.

    Dora the satanic explorer

    Just shower thoughts... - 9GAG

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    Faux grass case

    This will change the view of the world

    So my friends

    Biggest plot twist

    unequal twins<<< I remember the other post where someone said 'why are you wearing the same clothes in both pictures' and she was like 'i haven't move for a year'