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Spankin' Graphics & Design Ideas for 2017- Laughingbird Software

    Spankin' Graphics & Design Ideas for 2017- Laughingbird Software

    Learn how to create a visual brand in just 5 steps. Great design is essential to a consistent & meaningful brand identity.

    - YouTube Channel Art Maker. Are you on YouTube? Here's a way to stand out from the crowd: Check out this tutorial by Laughingbird Software and video guru Marc Sylvester. #entrepreneur #brandidentity #smallbusiness #socialmediatips #youtubevideo #youtubechannel

    Do you love promoting your social media channels? Then you have to use this strategy to improve your social media followers. This is a simple marketing tip and works for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even Bloglovin! // The Beauty Boulevard

    Create your OWN eBook Cover in just 8 minutes. Watch this quick video and learn how to make high quality book covers (without using Photoshop!)

    Create a website or blog design using graphic design software

    Easy Marketing Graphics: Learn how to design visual content and graphics for your blog or website for Free. You don't need to be a graphic designer. Professionally created graphic design templates make it easy.

    Bloggers & Small Business Owners: How to Post Perfect Facebook Images from your blog or website

    Looking to skyrocket your blog/ site traffic? Check out this list of Facebook Groups that helped generate a ton of traffic to my blog! --Facebook Groups, Facebook, Traffic, Grow your business, Grow your blog, Social media tips, Social Media

    Graphics Club Membership: Save time & money by creating your own graphics for your website, blog, social media & marketing... you don't have to be a graphic designer!

    Squarespace websites are awesome – but there are a few tricks involved in making a great site you probably don't know. Here are 5 newbie Squarespace mistakes non- web designers are making – and how to fix them ASAP. | Hoot Design Co.

    How to get the Graphics you need for a professional website: Graphic Design Tips