Sallie Smith

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:24:24 +0000

Helosis Ruficeps. The Very Special Parasitic Plant of Malaya Taken in the field. Rare Plant. You cannot get this plant anywhere else in the world but only in three of four localities in Peninsula Malaysia.

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    Is Red Mushroom Edible Mushroom?

    Arcyria insignis

    Violet webcap (Cortinarius violaceus), Mount Olympus, Greece. by Agorastos Photography

    Blue Mushroom w/ Moss

    Amanite Tue-mouche ....

    Bearded Tooth mushrooms. Wow! Mother Nature, never ceases to surprise me! Being on Pinterest, I have seen so many Wonderous things of our World.


    Clathrus Archeri or “Devil’s Fingers”--strange that it's a mushroom….perfect for a halloween garden

    Bijoux d'Automne

    Lion's Mane ~ This beautiful species, appearing as a white waterfall of cascading icicles, is found on broad leaf trees and logs. This keeper of the land is a wise mentor ~

    I want to take better mushroom photography. The things are so adorable and gorgeous in their own right. I love looking out for them in the woods.

    Caterpillar on Mushrooms ~ Photography by David Grey

    ˚Cookiena tricholoma

    Purple mushrooms

    Boletus frostii - Apple bolete or Frost's bolete

    amazing fungi

    The poisonous Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) is found throughout the boreal and temperate climates of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Boletellus betula