Sallie Smith

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:24:24 +0000

Helosis Ruficeps. The Very Special Parasitic Plant of Malaya Taken in the field. Rare Plant. You cannot get this plant anywhere else in the world but only in three of four localities in Peninsula Malaysia.


    Ink Cap Mushroom

    Arcyria insignis

    Blue Entoloma Mushroom


    papillon, mousse, champignons, vert

    Les uns par dessus les autres.

    Cup fungus - looks like a tiny toilet plunger ;o)

    Heart of thorns by Csaba Tökölyi on 500px

    Lion's Mane ~ This beautiful species, appearing as a white waterfall of cascading icicles, is found on broad leaf trees and logs. This keeper of the land is a wise mentor ~

    Clathrus archeri (Octopus Stinkhorn).