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Creative crochet pixie dani tolliver Read the article here - www.blackhairinfo...

    The baddest crochet slayer around! DaniT from Instagram @vanitybydanit has done it again , using Toni curl 2 boxes of 20" and 3 boxes of Toni 10" from curlkalon.com . Jackson MS stylist #crochetbraids

    Crochet braids with no leave out using curlkalon Carrie, Toni and Saniya 2 boxes each .. Tapered cut natural rod set look. Stylist @vanitybydanit

    20 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women | http://www.short-haircut.com/20-short-curly-hairstyles-for-black-women.html

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    2-way straight hair crochet


    Natural Curly Black Hair Styles

    Tapered cut on natural hair

    All natural, tapered cut More

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