Valerie Leong

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:44:18 +0000

Chinese vocabulary of opposite words. More


    lol so true with english, it's like lol you thought this was easy well YA THOUGHT WRONG lel

    Kanji is derived from Chinese. Japanese consists of three writing systems; hiragana (あ), katakana (ア) and kanji (雨).

    Fischer Projections Cheat Sheet Study Guide - draw and recognize Fischer projections, convert from newman and sawhorse, draw pyranose and furanose from fischer of glucose and fructose

    Chinese vocabulary of eating in China-服务员,请来一瓶啤酒。fú wù yuán , qǐnɡ lái yì pínɡ pí jiǔ 。

    common Chinese question formats. I love how they color their translated words too. Very helpful. :-)

    Tips about Chinese pronunciation. Infographic.

    Mandarin Chinese From Scratch: Words Containing 心

    Have you ever wondered how people from around the world get their coffee fix? Here’s how to order coffee in popular world languages.

    Chinese lantern festival customs