sandy rivers

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:54:30 +0000

Cães de raça - Pesquisa Google


    If more than a few of these points apply to you... then there’s straight up no denying that you're indeed a crazy basset hound person!

    Opie❤, the French Bulldog Puppy, @mr_opie_the_frenchie

    There's always one who parties too hard, too fast. Bulldog puppies

    My Blue grey Pomeranian puppy

    Anytime, anyone was laying on the floor, this is what Oscar would be doing. Leaning up against them. LOL!

    Blu, the Basset Hound Puppy girl ♥

    Basset Hound! Sweet goodness! I want one of these so bad! They have got to be the cutest dog ever!!!!

    Cute grey and white pitbull puppy.

    Cuteness overload.

    Huxley - basset - I love Bassets. I was given a tricolour called Edgar when I was 7.

    "Caught him sneaking a drink."

    great dane/dalmation mix...if only you could be certain it'd have a great dane personality and not a dalmatian attitude

    Cleared for takeoff !

    Seriously want this dog. Sadly my hubby doesn't love Bassett's as much as me :(

    Who can come up with the best caption?! #saint Bernard #baby

    Via his dad, Tim