Cathy Carter

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:10:26 +0000


    Ryston, Norfolk, England

    (via Claude Monet House - Giverny, Eure, France | Doors~World Colour | Pinterest)

    Stradbally green door ~ County Laois, Ireland

    Valloria - Italy - province of Imperia, Liguria, the village with painted doors ....

    Amantea, Cosenza, Italy door

    Brussels, Belgium

    "No longer was I walking down a hall, suddenly before me was a wall of doors. Faced with all possibility, I felt an overwhelming excitement and great responsibility. Which one would I choose, how will I know which one is mine or what will happen on the other side..." Finish this story.

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    chippy door... <3 by helen

    Campos Elíseos, São Paulo, Brazil

    Beautiful Doors