Kimberly Burdick

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:43:48 +0000

30 affirmations to help you overcome fearing mistakes, get unstuck and become more productive one day at a time intentionally. Learn how to use them on the blog.


    50 affirmations for self-love. Inspiring resources, quotes, and more for happiness and joy at


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    25 Daily Affirmations That Will Motivate and Inspire You Over my years of working with students, I have seen many women close to getting their careers unstuck, BUT they have one thing holding them back, their mindset. Read more:

    A recent Reddit thread compiled the perfect list of songs that say, in one way or another, that everything will be OK. This playlist will make you smile and remind you that whatever is going on, it too shall pass.

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    Easy Conversation Starters || Questions To Ask || First Date Questions || Social Anxiety...... hey some of these are good ice breakers for a team meeting

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