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it's a family affair


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    I think it's hard sometimes for ppl to tell x)

    She is passion embodied, a flower of melodrama in eternal bloom. Make my pettiness feel strong.

    House Greyjoy

    The State only purpose is to serve those on top and enslaved everyone else

    This is like saying, how dare you call me gay. It was a mistake, whatever. But don't think that just bc I'm not apart of lgbt, that I don't support equal rights on all platforms.

    Bruh this fits like every ship pair in Six of Crows

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    when a boy tells you you look better without your makeup on so you keep adjusting your fake lashes :^( why do teenage boys think their opinions about makeup matter ?? like none of the guys who've told me things like that wear it ?? please go pick yourself some matte red lipstick and some liquid liner and THEN tell me how you feel hon *snap* i could rant about this for days

    ( pretty boy with teeth like knives and a heart warm and soft enough to sink into. )