Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:14:09 +0000

But...they grow up and you wish they were toddlers again.

    Parenting is wanting to be with your kid forever one minute, and being tempted to sell them the next.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics

    Esp ex in-laws who have their own screwed up son to be worried about. Why don't you keep 'staying out of the middle of it'...

    Oh ya. That my children from birth till they moved out from home !! lol True though!

    Start a new bedtime routine that the whole family will love!

    #dumb #umbrella. A funny saying about dumb people.

    A HUGE difference! You're not supposed to be Best Buds. You're Parents....trying behaving as such things. Just sayin....

    Hahaha it happens :)

    After getting her blanket, pillow, drink, snack and tv show on, I'm pretty sure my toddler just looked at me & mouthed the words "I own you". #ParentHumor @MyBuddytag #MyBuddytag

    For fucks sake

    Parenting Humor, so hilarious, this is so my kid.