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"I love singing. I suck at it. I love dancing. I suck at it. Doesn't make it any less fun."

    "Age is a unit of measurement used to identify how long you've been alive. It doesn't gauge ur maturity, common sense, ability to handle situations or anything else."

    Not Always Enough

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    I want to impress my man and myself no one else I just like to look nice !

    if you've been the friend who gives the best relationship advice but still single.

    I take weird as a compliment

    Top lies for a teen: 1. I'm ok 2. I don't have a crush on anyone 3. That was the last piece of gum 4. I've read the terms and conditions

    Popularity means nothing, but music takes you to a whole nother world, it's my escape from reality, it's probably those kids' too.

    ... ehh probably not though

    This Is ME andthatswhoiam.tumblr.com

    I always cry silently so people don't think I'm weak. If I cry freely in front of you, I really trust you.

    Do you ever meet someone and think they're not that attractive, but then the more you get to know them, the more attractive they become?

    "Isn't it weird that you can feel it in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings"

    My life summed up.

    I got in trouble for not cleaning out my pets cage but I did all the chores yesterday and today and I was working on homework. I'm like MOM DAD STOP PRESSURING ME IM 13 THIS IS THE PART WHERE IM EVEN MORE CONFUSED AND STRESSED AND INSECURE THE LAST THING I NEED IS FOR YOU TO YELL AT ME FOR THE ONE THING I DIDNT DO

    This is so me..

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    I don't know why it is but it's just me