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Sun, 15 Feb 2015 11:46:58 +0000

Cotton swab letter painting-learn to "write" letters and numbers by painting.

    A good technique for learning how to write your name!

    letter matching activity we did in the classroom last week in my 3 year-old classes. It was great for letter recognition and matching. Can also use numbers...and with any theme

    Fine motor alphabet match - preschool activity for spring

    dice game-- first to get all the numbers wins

    Counting with pipe cleaners & beads

    This letter matching apple tree alphabet activity is a great way to teach the alphabet this fall! It's perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten students and would be a good addition to your alphabet or literacy center.

    Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Alphabet Game. Practice letter sounds with this fun literacy learning activity!

    Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant!

    Here's the perfect Scissor Cutting Practice for Preschoolers. Grab your Free Printable Activity Packet here

    Simple Math Tray for PreK-Kindergarteners to practice math skills like counting, 1:1 correspondence, and number recognition AND work on fine motor skills!