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« Newer story Older story » Concave facades on twin buildings by Moon Hoon create moon-shaped indents Flip 23 June 2015 | 1 comment More: ArchitectureCulturalSlideshows A huge sphere appears to have imprinted the concrete facades of these neighbouring buildings near Seoul, both designed by South Korean architect Moon Hoon


    Stéphane Conigliano | Directeur identité visuelle | LinkedIn

    Two Moon créé par Moon Hoon - Visit the website to see all pictures http://www.amenagementdesign.com/architecture/two-moon-moon-hoon-architecture/ Séoul

    Here’s A Look At How The Sculptural Panels Of The Dior Flagship Store In Seoul Were Made

    Two Moon / Moon Hoon / South Korea

    cube modules by elod beregszaszi, via Flickr

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