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    Hall McKnight's concept for an extension to St Hilda's College in Oxford

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    Earth Theater. Image © Shift Architecture Urbanism

    Fort Lincoln Housing, by Paul Rudolph #architecture

    Another illustration presenting the overall exterior of the Center. Image courtesy of MOS Architects

    Pavillonscene til Kulturmødet Mors 2015 | Arkitektforeningen

    Gallery of Hall McKnight To Open A Temporary Pavilion In London's King's Cross…

    student: Phillip Denny university: Carnegie Mellon University location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania degree: B.Arch award: AIA Henry Adams Medal  advisor: Mary-Lou Arscott, Rami el Samahy, Jonathan Kli...

    Solo House Casa Pezo / Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects

    Visualizing Architecture User Gallery

    Ailesbury Road - SK06-B-jpg