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Rare spherical Fluorite Cluster on Matrix | #Geology #GeologyPage #Mineral Geology Page www.geologypage.com


    Stop searching ••here & there••…the jewels are inside ✧Y O U✧ ~Rumi // photo reposted from @theearthsgems

    Labradorite Polished Stone Listing is for one (1) - 100% Natural Gemstone Labradorite polished Stone Size is about 1.5" - 2" These are STOCK PHOTOS. Because they are natural stones, will vary in size

    unique,Rare Sphere Brown FLUORITE Crystal Cluster Mineral Specimen on Matrix

    Dioptase (Darker Green,cyclosilicate mineral) on mottramite(Phosphate Class ), Namibia

    Enhydro Quartz / Mineral Friends <3

    This rocks

    Larimar can assist with chemical imbalances, mood disorders and fights infection. Use Larimar in healing layouts or grids. This is such a joyous piece to keep with you! Carry in pockets, pouches or medicine bags.(Healing Crystals) Gorgeous Larimar from the Dominican Republic. Thank you for posting Crystal Sun Academy!

    Opal gemstone beads. Pink opal 6mm plain round beads, gorgeous natural pink color will vary from strand to strand as shown, 16" strand.

    Rhodochrosite crystals

    Tanzanite from Tanzania