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Kolumba museum, Peter Zumthor, Cologne

    mix of modern panelling and rustic stone contrasting new and old

    estudio pardotapia arquitectos / museo arqueológico de asturias, oviedo

    Galería de Escuela Grupo Paulette-Deblock / zigzag architecture - 12

    Kolumba Kunstmuseum, Cologne, Germany, 1996 | Zumthor, consistently mindful of the use of the materials, and specifically their construction details, has used grey brick to unite the destroyed fragments of the site. These fragments include the remaining pieces of the Gothic church, stone ruins from the Roman and medieval periods, and German architect Gottfried Böhm’s 1950 chapel for the “Madonna of the Ruins.”

    Stéphane Beel Architects | a f a s i a

    The brick avant-garde | Architecture at Stylepark

    Zumthor’s rammed concrete structure made by pouring 50cm of concrete every day to create 24 layers, varying in texture and colour. Ins...

    Astley Castle Nuneaton, Witherford Watson Mann Architects. Melding of ancient and modern!

    Ningbo Museum of History, Zhejiang, China, built: 2009, architect: Wang Shu

    Kolumba Museum in Cologne The inside and out of reverse brick veneer | Architecture And Design

    new meets old in switzerland by peter zumthor

    Kolumba museum, Peter Zumthor