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Fri, 19 May 2017 20:59:30 +0000

Where Europe Shrinks, and Where it Grows | Big Think


    How The Population of North America Fits Into Europe. Learn more at Brilliant Maps

    World war one explained in a few sentences

    This map measures sunshine duration in hours per year, and it shows that the entire U.S. sees more sunshine than most of Europe.

    The Holy Roman Empire circa AD 1000

    Europe, c. 500 Scots in Eire and only 5 cities of note, Ravenna, Rome, Lyon, Constantinople, and Toulouse.

    Bible Maps: Master archeological bible study map of the promised land. Tour Map of Israel: Israel

    Ratio de funcionarios por habitante en Europa ( vía @daniel3 Martí )

    El mapa muestra los apellidos más comunes en Europa.

    Projected Change in Population between Today and 2080 in Europe

    Languages of Europe

    Map of the countries that are most and least welcoming to foreigners (Washington Post) The World Economic Forum compiled data from 140 countries estimating the attitude of each countries’ population toward foreign visitors by asking respondents, “How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?” Top 3 most welcoming countries: Iceland, New Zealand & Morocco. Bottom 3: Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia. (The US ranks 102nd out of 140 countries, well below much of the Middle East)