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Fri, 19 May 2017 20:59:30 +0000

Where Europe Shrinks, and Where it Grows | Big Think

    Sono Pazzi Questi Romani : Foto

    World war one explained in a few sentences

    This map measures sunshine duration in hours per year, and it shows that the entire U.S. sees more sunshine than most of Europe.

    How The Population of North America Fits Into Europe. Learn more at Brilliant Maps

    Este pictura demorsta el numero de populacion de imigrantes en Europa en todos paises europeos.

    12x16 Germany wine map by Wine Folly

    Map of unemployment in the European Union (showing employment does not necessarily obey political borders)

    Ratio de funcionarios por habitante en Europa ( vía @daniel3 Martí )

    roman britain - Google Search

    Projected Change in Population between Today and 2080 in Europe

    individual languages of europe

    A more in depth look at the language families of Europe [993x1270]