Manuel Eduardo Revoredo Villalobos

Fri, 08 Jul 2016 19:26:34 +0000

Vespa de los años 1970 con la vespa sidecar


    Vespa VBB con Sidecar For me and the Butterbean to cruise in around town.

    No one seems to understand how much I want a vespa...with a sidecar

    Vespa VBB Piaggio Park Green 321.Classic Moped Art&Design @classic_car_art #ClassicCarArtDesign

    Image result for mod scooters vespa

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    Vespa Scooters - Vespa LXV50 - Eclipse Motorcycles and Scooters ($5000+) - Svpply

    orange vespa

    blue white vespa | Raymond Stewart, A-92 Vespa club Dundee. GS, T5 and chop

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    Vespa with Sidecar! Perfect for my dog!! She will need goggles!