Lauren Stein

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:59:59 +0000

Electroformed honeycomb copper-plated honeycomb by Galvanart


    This honeycomb is cast in bronze (using the lost wax technique) from a real specimen. The honeycomb pendant is sculptural in nature, but it is also lightweight and comfortable. The casting is hung from a fine red brass chain and sealed to preserve its vibrancy.

    SWEETER THAN HONEY silver and 14k gold honeycomb and bee pendant with citrine and white sapphires by WingedLion on Etsy

    string + twig by Cursive Design (Chicago-based jewelry line founded by Sarah Fox in 2006 )

    Autumn Acorn Pine Cone Necklace Christmas Fall Woodland Pinecone Forest Acorn Necklace Nature Jewelry - N228

    You never know when a beautiful insect will buzz by, so keep your camera and…

    La vague, mère du grain de sable, qui se fera perle.

    octopus bracelet

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    Tutorial: Pulsera con técnica de macramé. Bracelet macrame.

    In contrast to different jewellery makers, Canadian Secret Wooden likes to deliver extra which means to...