Lauren Stein

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:59:59 +0000

Electroformed honeycomb copper-plated honeycomb by Galvanart

    This honeycomb is cast in bronze (using the lost wax technique) from a real specimen. The honeycomb pendant is sculptural in nature, but it is also lightweight and comfortable. The casting is hung from a fine red brass chain and sealed to preserve its vibrancy.

    freedom by MKGTI

    Diamond in the rough necklace - miniature terrarium pendant - Ruby Robin Boutique

    Bee Ring in Sterling Silver - Bee My Honey

    Style me { gris + rose } - Plumetis Magazine

    World Map Locket... Vintage Brass Globe Traveller More

    Turquoise City | Statement Silver Pendant - product images of SCHJ

    Natural & Bold: Featuring a beautiful large natural lavender amethyst crystal mineral gemstone which was hand framed into a 14k gold filled

    You never know when a beautiful insect will buzz by, so keep your camera and…

    Autumn Bee photography hive photo honey bee by CarlChristensen

    I’ve been promising to talk more about conductive paints, the differences in paints and what factors vary performance.  Although there are ...