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+ #fafiltersg2 | this is a cream-green filter. | looks best with: photos that have cream and green in them. ☕️ | Q: fav song right now? — hector (@_calixo)


    #pfpresete7 #filtrspaid - warm orange filter ⌛️ - best used on: everything! - what's your favorite album that came out this year ? . ❕I honestly love this filter so much and it works great for a theme. It may need a few adjustments on different photos, especially on selfies because it does make you look orange so just lower the saturation to your liking, but other than that it's great ! . stay tuned for a second filter today !! . fc; 7089

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    Looking for filters to use for your pink theme Instagram feed? On this article you will find what you’re looking for. Use these VSCO Cam filter settings to achieve pink Instagram feed and show the girly side in you! 20 VSCO Cam Filter Settings to achieve the pink Instagram theme! 1.Filter LV3 (+8) by passionfilters 2. Filter M6 by … … Continue reading →

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    This filter actually looks pale. I personally think it works better dark photos.☁️ you can add Instagram editing tool "LUX+50%" to get a better result #vsco#vscocam#vscofilter

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