Teryn Pacino

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:50 +0000

The root of suffering is attachment. This is so true, much suffering is connected to attachment in some form.

    If people would let live and let go. But most people's past haunt them all their lives.

    Tanuja Nilakshi K K: Google+

    Buddhist Quotes On Suffering. QuotesGram by @quotesgram

    Silence says it all. It is the silence in between the notes that creates music otherwise there would be only eternal noise.

    Partly. Partly it's the presence of judgement of a certain kind.

    Don't worry. (I need to remember this)!!

    Especially when it is the lies we tell ourselves to feel better for the things we have done that hurts others.

    .The mission of the Soul is work. Love is all there is ((((❤))) ♥•.¸♥¸ ´♥•´ ✿•.,`°º•¤.¸Ɩ ϟєηɗ ϒоύ ՁΟƔΞ ʄґɵɱ ɱƴ ϞєɑґϮ¸.¤•º