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Campbell D.B., Roman Roman Legionary fortresses 27 BC – AD 378. Fortress Series 43. Osprey Military Publishing, 2007. p. 63.

    Permanent, Roman Fort.

    Crusader Castles in the Holy Land

    Campbell D.B., Roman Auxiliary forts 27 BC – AD 378. Fortress Series 83. Osprey Military Publishing, 2009. p. 58.

    "The curtains at Side" The fortifications at Side, which possibly date froma little later than those at Perge, were constructed with the same observance of the latter’s main principle – to provide formaximum firepower. In Side, however, the architect was a creative professional: he devised three complex versions of the curtain, thus succeeding in obtaining an additional increase in their firepower

    Building the wall

    Vindolanda, a Roman auxiliary fort in Northumberland just south of Hadrian's Wall, is a huge motherlode of archaeological discoveries,

    (140 BCE - 200 CE) Roman Military Camp

    Roman legions in battle, during the Roman Civil War

    [research] republican Rome

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    Reconstruction of the barracks at Chesters (with horses)

    This is a reconstruction drawing of what the Roman fort at Portchester looked like in AD 345. Archaeological excavations suggest the Roman fort at Portchester was built between AD 285-290. It's building probably relates to a series of 'barbarian' (Saxon) attacks along the coasts of Britain and Gaul (France) at this time.