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Corset Baleinine Original Vintage Odd Product Poster from 1900 France. French turn of the century advertisement for corsets.

    Le Frou Frou, journal humoristique, poster by Leonetto Cappiello, 1899 Le Frou Frou, journal humoristique, 20 centimes. Advertising poster by Leonetto Cappiello shows a can-can dancer holding a copy of "Le Frou Frou" while she dances. Lithograph by La Lithographie Nouvelles, Asnières (Seine), 1899. From the Artist Posters Collection at the Library of Congress More posters by Leonetto Cappiello | More artist posters [PD] This picture is in the public domain

    French chocolate poster for Pascall

    Maggi Soup French Advertisement Poster -

    Vintage Labels 1900-1950

    Bally shoes poster

    Vintage Italian Posters ~ #illustrator #Italian #vintage #posters ~ Borsalino

    Vintage Italian Chocolate Advertising Poster: Cioccolatto Suchard

    Creme Simon, original art deco advertisement from 1932, 82 years old poster for framing #etsy #a4team

    poster A La Place Clichy

    Vita seeds original vintage French product poster from 1948 by Robys.

    Wine Poster

    French poster, vintage