Spencer Weisz Gallery

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 14:04:32 +0000

Corset Baleinine Original Vintage Odd Product Poster from 1900 France. French turn of the century advertisement for corsets.

    Peinture Nouvelle A Seche Rapide - Cristalol. Original horizontal French vintage odd product poster from 1938. Paint company advertisement, feature three elephants painting the lettering Cristalol in red.

    picasso paintings showing absinthe | Looking at Absinthe Art and the “Green Fairy” | Peachridge Glass

    Le Thermogene original vintage poster from 1930 France by artist Leonetto Cappiello. French heating pads advertisement.

    Philips Cuisiniere original vintage product poster from 1958 by artist Gabriel Humair. French stove company advertisement.

    fortune telling

    artnouveaustyle: Art by Giovanni Maria Mataloni

    Philips Froid original vintage poster by Darigo. French refrigerator advertisement from 1960.

    Migaline lingerie tissue 1935 by Mazenod original vintage advertising lithographic poster from France

    Genevaux by Jack original vintage poster from 1920 France. This original antique poster advertising "Genevaux" a merchant that specialized in Marriage clothing. Features a children as the groom and bride in this sacred ceremony.