Spencer Weisz Gallery

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 14:04:32 +0000

Corset Baleinine Original Vintage Odd Product Poster from 1900 France. French turn of the century advertisement for corsets.


    anuncios 1950 - Pesquisa Google

    New Orleans original 1903 French product poster. Lithographic vintage advertisement for sewing machine.

    Ovaltine. Every night. yes this is meant to be on this board, i really love the artwork and the atmosphere of the advert.

    Pistons Dyslo original vintage product poster from 1925 by Streih. Only original vintage advertising lithograph posters.

    Bally (Homme) original poster by Bernard Villemot from 1976. French poster features a man siting down with one leg up against orange and brown background.

    afiches / Campaña Bilz y Pap Retro

    Beef Malt Wine Ad PUBLIC DOMAIN

    Vintage Italian Posters | ... Italia, indeed | Things for My Wall (Mostly Vintage Travel Poste

    Maybelline mascara ad from the 1960's. I only remember my Mother using the cake one, wet the brush, rub back 'n forth, apply.

    Photoplay Magazine with Bessie Love 1929

    Philips Cuisiniere original vintage product poster from 1958 by artist Gabriel Humair. French stove company advertisement.

    Funky Fondled and Fresh: New Favorite Old Illustrator: Frederick L. Packer