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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:46:09 +0000

Ammonite design in shibori by Annabel Wilson. Top shows outline stitching and below the finished design.Townhill Studio

    ...And Then We Set It On Fire: Week 2 Stitched Shibori Curved Lines

    Here's my latest DIY on the Krrb blog! — Natural Dyes Using Vegetables and Other Pantry Staples - via Krrb blog

    Indigo dyed shibori design produced by one of many of the creative individuals on workshops run by Annabel Wilson of Townhill Studio in Dorset. These brilliant designs are produced with simple ori nui stitching plus tying in small beads. The upper image shows the stitching complete before pulling up and the resulting fabric below.

    1. Stitched semicircles on folded calico 2. Calico after pulling all the threads tight and securing 3. Other side of the calico after pulling the threads tight 4. After dyeing with indigo and unpicking the stitches 5. Close-up detail of shibori circle 6. The finished cushion! Taken from the blog, "Flextiles," original link is http://flextiles.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/shibori-cushion/

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    Wild Roses again | Gorgeous shibori from Tela Shibori | via flickr

    El Ori Nui es una técnica muy entretenida, con la que podrás crear formas y líneas a tu gusto. ¡Pruébala!