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Ammonite design in shibori by Annabel Wilson. Top shows outline stitching and below the finished design.Townhill Studio

    Here's my latest DIY on the Krrb blog! — Natural Dyes Using Vegetables and Other Pantry Staples - via Krrb blog

    1. Stitched semicircles on folded calico 2. Calico after pulling all the threads tight and securing 3. Other side of the calico after pulling the threads tight 4. After dyeing with indigo and unpicking the stitches 5. Close-up detail of shibori circle 6. The finished cushion! Taken from the blog, "Flextiles," original link is http://flextiles.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/shibori-cushion/

    Shibori Indigo Cotton Fabric by CapeCodShibori on Etsy

    ...And Then We Set It On Fire: Week 2 Stitched Shibori Curved Lines

    Shibori butterfly by Townhill Studio. Mainly maki age shibori each part of the wing stitched drawn up and bound.

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    Hanging seed heads created using maki age and ori nui shibori stitching. The first image shows the outline stitching and shapes used to make this bright green shibori design by Townhill Studio.:

    Embroidery on blue Belgian linen. Paua shell, beads, sequins. Commercial cotton, netting and salvaged velvet. Metallic and cotton flosses. Approx 8"x10"

    An indigo dyed shibori design produced by one of the many creative individuals on workshops run by Annabel Wilson of Townhill Studio in Dorset. These wonderful fish are mainly created with karamatsu, ori nui and maki age shibori techniques.


    Fabric & Paper Collage - Discover *********************************************** (repin) #mixed #media ≈√

    Shibori with a Twist by Jude Kingshott and Leslie Morgan at the Festival of Quilts UK 2016

    Learn how to use shibori techniques and indigo dye to make stunning fabric designs for your handmade wardrobe! | Indiesew.com

    Surf onto Sand Original artworks created using an eclectic mix of textiles, paper ephemera, paint and embroidery.

    Mafalda Silva | Restaurante Julia | Tangled Memories | Fibre Art | International | Canadian | Textile Art | World of Threads Festival | Contemporary Fiber Art Craft Textiles | Oakville Ontario Canada ****

    Shibori stitched & indigo dyed fabric


    Meadow | Flickr - Photo Sharing! AMAZING fiber art on this site!!!

    Thread and Thrift

    ICE DYE I find this technique very interesting and fun to try because the pattern it creates is nothing like the ones you can make with salt and sort of gives it a marble look

    Resist Bleaching for a Shibori effect - textiles techniques; fabric dyeing; fabric manipulation

    Laura Katherine McMillan | embroidered ‘Cell Series’ in petri dishes

    Tie Dye Techniques