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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:46:09 +0000

Ammonite design in shibori by Annabel Wilson. Top shows outline stitching and below the finished design.Townhill Studio

    Process for creating a small decorative spot in shibori. On a diagonal grid pinch and fold the fabric and stitch two short rows of stitches. Pull up and dye. By Townhill Studio.

    ...And Then We Set It On Fire: Week 2 Stitched Shibori Curved Lines

    A9.- comenzando a quitar canutos

    Techniques known as ori-nui, mokume and karamatsu shibori use stitches in the fabric to act as a resist for dyes. Unique effects can be created by the type of stitch, folds in the fabric and the ar…

    Shibori tengui from Arimatsu, Japan

    A selection of indigo dyed shibori stitch resist fabrics designed and made by Townhill Studio

    This silk pillow cover is like a burst of sunshine! It was hand dyed using a shibori stitch resist technique and turmeric. Click for the tutorial. :)

    clever shibori

    Finnfactor design: Linen Baby Wrap Sekka Shibori Dye: Part 2