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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:46:09 +0000

Ammonite design in shibori by Annabel Wilson. Top shows outline stitching and below the finished design.Townhill Studio

    Process for creating a small decorative spot in shibori. On a diagonal grid pinch and fold the fabric and stitch two short rows of stitches. Pull up and dye. By Townhill Studio.

    ...And Then We Set It On Fire: Week 2 Stitched Shibori Curved Lines

    Stitched Shibori

    Shibori tengui from Arimatsu, Japan

    A selection of indigo dyed shibori stitch resist fabrics designed and made by…

    1. Stitched semicircles on folded calico 2. Calico after pulling all the threads tight and securing 3. Other side of the calico after pulling the threads tight 4. After dyeing with indigo and unpicking the stitches 5. Close-up detail of shibori circle 6. The finished cushion! Taken from the blog, "Flextiles," original link is http://flextiles.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/shibori-cushion/

    Although I don’t like to do it often, sometimes falling down the internet rabbit hole for hours on end can be a rewarding experience. When I last fell into the digital abyss, I came up for air only to realize I had been on the computer for two and a half hours. Shameful. Thankfully, my watering, computer-damaged eyes were not in vain, for I had discovered something wonderful: Catharine Ellis and her shibori weavings.

    This silk pillow cover is like a burst of sunshine! It was hand dyed using a shibori stitch resist technique and turmeric. Click for the tutorial. :)

    Indigo shibori dye - Ori-nui shibori pattern. The fabric is folded along the…

    Karamatsu shibori is used to construct this teasel design in indigo. By Annabel…