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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:46:09 +0000

Ammonite design in shibori by Annabel Wilson. Top shows outline stitching and below the finished design.Townhill Studio


    ...And Then We Set It On Fire: Week 2 Stitched Shibori Curved Lines

    inspiration no tutorial

    Shibori stitched & indigo dyed fabric

    Boho pillow DIY...a quick and easy stamp pattern made from real leaves dabbed with paint.

    How To Dye Fabric Quick And Rough Shibori Style - Use Eco-dye Techniques - Artist India Flint

    A handsome poppy seed head to produce with shibori stitch resist. The photo shows the stitching required to make this pattern and the resulting design. There is a blog describing exactly how to construct this design in detail. By Annabel Wilson of Townhill Studio.

    Necklace evolution: naturally dyed textiles, beads. The third photo shows a honeycomb stitch in the top half, cable stitch below. | Artist: Tinctory (Eva Fulinova), The Midlands, UK | http://tinctory.blogspot.com/ | tinctory on Flickr

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