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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 06:52:50 +0000

by Artist Collin Bogle

    arctic fox

    Fox in the Flowers

    Fox by Robert Adamec via 500px.

    First Spring! ~ One of five kits in a den in eastern Fort Collins, Colorado

    Found on via Tumblr

    bonnie marris paintings | Bonnie Marris art

    For one with fox as a totem, hair is very important. If a change is needed on certain levels, changing the hair to reflect this desire helps to activate fox medicine and it's magic of shape shifting. The changeability of the colors reflects change of the expression of the inner force. A study of colors and their symbology would also be very insightful. In general, the Red Fox is associated with sexual energy, the kundalini, and the freeing of the creative life force.

    A tawny owl and fox cub form unlikely duo! An owl chick and fox cub have built up an unlikely rapport after each was rescued from attacks by predatory birds.