Elsie Castro

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:04:18 +0000

Peppermint Tea Bags


    Rid/deter certain bugs safely w/o chemicals

    Doing laundry is an everyday task. No matter how much you hate doing it, you just have to do it. Of course, if you are really rich you can afford buying new clothes every day. Your kids came back f…

    How To Make Natural Bug Repellants (Mosquito, Ant, Fly, Spider)

    Keep your toilet brush clean and fresh smelling by pouring a bit of Pine Sol in the bottom of the holder.

    Some inadvertent deaths are unavoidable—wrong place, wrong time. But most aren't. Staying alive requires perceiving threat, feeling dread, and responding. Here's some tips you should know to stay alive in some dangerous situations.

    non-toxic oven cleaner. Dawn, vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice. Smear paste all over inside of oven, including glass door, and let it sit for several hours. Scrub baked on spots then wipe clean. by jaclyn

    If you’re a fan of mosquitos, raise your hand… nobody? Didn’t think so. Mosquito bites itch, leave marks, and they can also spread diseases. In theory, we can wipe out mosquitos but alas, we need t…

    Whether you're budget-conscious, eco-friendly, or haven't had time to stock up on cleaning supplies, it helps to have a few common uses for vinegar up your sleeve. You might have pinned them before on Pinterest, but we've made it easy for you by gathering some of the best quickie vinegar hacks in one place. Who knew one little ingredient could be used to deodorize, sanitize, or even marinate meat? #lifehacks

    Vitamin B1 also referred to as thiamine is a mineral essential for your body. This vitamin will help you to boost immunity and fight stress. It can be found in foods as eggs, oatmeal, kale, asparagus, yeast, and brown rice.

    WHOA, I had no idea WD-40 could do this!

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